Download Fat Impostor Role MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Fat Impostor MOD for Among Us is a new MOD with which we can access a new game mode full of new skills for all players. Downloading this MOD will give you access to one of the best game modes that have been created so far for Among Us, since all players can enjoy the new mechanics at the same time.

Fat Impostor MOD

What does Fat Impostor Role MOD add in Among Us?

In the new game mode all players will have a new food system, which will be used to activate certain abilities. There will be different foods appearing randomly around the map, and players will have to eat them to increase their size and calories. With those calories you will then be able to use different skills, which will use up your energy and decrease your size, so you will have to use them carefully.

These are the new skills included in this MOD:

    • Fart Boost: small boost of movement in one direction


  • Sit: sit on top of another player and leave him motionless for a few seconds.
  • Eat: for the impostor only.
  • Burp: you move to another part of the map.
  • Ball: you win a lot of money.
  • Ball: you win a lot of money.
  • Ball: you gain a lot of mobility, by transforming into a ball.
  • Snore: sleeps in a ball.
  • Snore: you put all your nearby companions to sleep.
  • Snore: you put all your nearby companions to sleep.

All the skills are quite useful and fun, although my favorite is undoubtedly the “Ball” skill, which greatly increases our mobility. This seems silly, but with that extra mobility we can get more food than others, so we should always use this skill first to get an advantage over other players. The final objective of the game remains the same for both crew members and impostors.

Download Fat Impostor Role MOD for Among Us

This MOD has not been officially released for download, so we do not have access to it. However, you can download Town Of Us and access more than 20 roles in a single MOD, to play comfortably with your friends.