Download GRANNY MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Granny adds a new role to the impostor based on a character from a horror video game. Players must hide in closets or under the bed until they find the taser that will protect them from the terrifying impostor.


What does GRANNY include in Among Us ?

The impostor will play the role of Granny as well as having new abilities that will help him terrorize the rest of the players until he catches and eliminates them. The new abilities are:

  • SCARE. Scares the other players. Suddenly an animation of Granny will appear, turning the screen black as well as simulating breaking it. Some of the pieces will be visible but others will go black preventing the players from seeing for a few seconds.
  • DENTURES. Option to set a trap dentures that will crush the player who falls into it until it eliminates him.
  • CONTROL. Allows you to control the movements of other players by mind control.
  • BED LOCKER. Possibility to search under the bed and eliminate players who hide under it.
  • RUSH. This ability allows you to engulf another player to eliminate him.

Download Granny MOD

Players must complete the tasks to get the taser that will protect them from the impostor. This new weapon allows the impostor to be paralyzed for a few seconds, providing an advantage that can be key in certain situations. Players will be able to hide in beds (ENTER) or get out of them (EXIT) through the two new skills included.

Download GRANNY for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available for private download. We recommend checking other Free MODs on our website, where you can find MODS Packs for Among Us.