Download NICE & EVIL GUESSER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new MODs for Among Us: Evil Guesser and Nice Guesser offer us a new role in the game, which will have a special ability that will allow you to change the course of the games during crew meetings.


What does NICE & EVIL GUESSER MOD add in Among Us?

The new role of Guesser can be part of the crew (Nice Guesser) or the imposters (Evil Gusser). His special ability allows him to shoot a player of his choice, but that shot will carry with it a condition: The Guesser must guess the role of the person he is shooting at. If he guesses right, he will kill his target, and if he misses, he will die in return.

It is a role that has certain special combinations with some MODs, as there are roles that cannot be “guessed” for obvious reasons. It is a quite interesting Role that adds new abilities to the game that do not unbalance it enormously (also, you can edit the number of shots per game that the Guesser can perform).

Download EVIL & NICE GUESSER MOD for Among Us

The Guesser Role is the latest addition to the The Other Roles MOD Pack, so you can download it along with many other MODs with which you can combine it in the same game.