Download HACKER MOD – Among Us (NEW role)

The new Hacker MOD for Among Us allows us to enjoy a new role that will be randomly assigned to one of the impostors, and which will have the special ability to acquire additional information in the administration panel and vitals.

Hacker Role MOD

What does the HACKER MOD add in Among Us?

The additional information that can be obtained by the new Hacker role will only be available when the Hacker activates the special ability, for a period of time. These are the additional data you will be able to get:

  • In the admin table: you will be able to see the colors of the players
  • In the vitals: you can see how many seconds ago a person died.

They are not extremely powerful abilities, but if the Hacker is attentive he will be able to obtain very valuable information that will make him win the game.

Download HACKER MOD for Among Us

This MOD can be downloaded along with many others in The Other Roles MOD Pack, which we recommend for creating modded games of Among Us with your friends.