Download HITMAN MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Hitman MOD for Among US is a new tier 2 impostor role that combines the abilities of two different roles into one, creating a very powerful impostor that has quite a few possibilities when it comes to eliminating enemies without anyone being able to detect him.

Hitman Role MOD

What does HITMAN MOD add in Among Us?

In this case, the Hitman role combines the abilities of two tier 1 imposter roles:

  • Dragger: which allows him to move bodies and drop them anywhere he pleases
  • Morphling: which allows you to acquire DNA samples from players to later acquire the special abilities of their roles.

It is one of the most powerful Impostors we can find within Town Of Impostors, as the ability to move bodies is very good, and the ability to acquire skills from other players can be game-breaking if the Hitman gets the sample of some powerful crewman role.

Download HITMAN MOD for Among Us

This new role can be activated within the Town Of Impostors MOD Pack, in which many other roles can be accessed, both for impostors and crewmen. Also, the ability to copy other roles would be meaningless if played individually.