Download Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs MOD – Among Us (New Rol)

Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs MOD adds a new role to the game inspired by the video game Poppy Playtime, but this time instead of having Huggy Wuggy or Kissy Missy as the main character we will have Mommy Long Legs. This is a MOD in which the crew of Among Us must destroy a trap, but while they do it Mommy Long Legs becomes bigger and more powerful and will go after them to prevent them from achieving their goal. Be careful because you can get very badly hurt!

Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs

What’s included in Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs in Among Us ?

Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs MOD has a new role for the game, since we will be able to be Mommy Long Legs and try to sabotage the work of the crew of Among Us. This role will be played randomly by one of the players, just like the Impostor role in the original game.

Mommy long legs among us

One of the novel elements is the appearance of a new meter in the game, since in addition to having the task bar we will see on screen the progress bar of the trap, which will also affect the power of Mommy Long Legs.

Mommy Long Legs will have skills such as: “Jump-Scare”, “Spider-Speed”, “Sunflower-Trap” or “Rope-Web”, besides having 3 new unlockable skills once the progress bar increases.

In addition, the MOD offers a whole new visual section for the Among Us video game, with new parts of the map and decorations based on the horror video game Poppy Playtime. This is a MOD that offers great content for a fun time with friends in Among Us.

Download Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs for Among Us

Huggy VS Mommy Long Legs is a private MOD, so for the moment it is not available, but you can check out other free MODs on our website.