Download HUNTER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Hunter role for Among Us is quite interesting, since it includes a new ability for one of the crew members of the game, with which he will be able to avenge his own death. It is one of the most interesting roles included within the same Pack: Challenger MOD.

Hunter Role MOD

What does the HUNTER MOD add in Among Us?

This new role works very simply. The Hunter (who will be a crew member) will be able to tag someone with his ability. From that moment, if the Hunter dies (whatever his death) the user he has marked will die too.

Obviously the Hunter’s ability cannot be used lightly, as it could kill a crew member. However, the mere presence of the Hunter within the game makes impostors have to think twice before killing someone who suspects them.

Download HUNTER MOD for Among Us

You can download this new role for Among Us from the Challenger MOD MOD Pack, which will allow you to combine this role with many others, to create games of the highest level.