Download INFORMANT MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Informant MOD for Among Us includes a very interesting new role that will have the special ability to see the roles of all the other players in the game. This role will be assigned to one or more crew members in the game, so that they can deal with impostors using this special ability.

Informant Role MOD

What does INFORMANT MOD add in Among Us?

The new informant role will need to complete all of its tasks in order to be unlocked the ability to see the role of every other player. It should be noted that even if it is very enlightening information about the game, the other players would not necessarily believe him/her.

In addition to this, once the Informant receives all the information about the roles of the other players, the impostors will be warned about him and his role, so they will be aware of taking the contrary in a disguised way in the meetings and votes of the game. It is a quite interesting role that gives rise to many different situations, which are not usually given normally in the game.

Download INFORMANT MOD for Among Us

This MOD is not available individually, but can be enjoyed alongside many other roles within the Town Of Impostors Pack, which is even better than playing it individually.