Investigator MOD is a new modification of Among Us that adds a new role to the game, the investigator, who has his own special ability and will be part of the crewmates team. Downloading and installing this MOD will allow you to enjoy a new role in the game completely unprecedented, and that can completely change the course of a game.

What does the INVESTIGATOR MOD add to Among Us?

The new investigator role will have the special ability to see the path that other players have been following, as he can see the footsteps of all the other players, which are recorded on the ground.

Investigator Role MOD Among Us

The players’ footsteps remain visible for 10 seconds by default, but you can edit this value to customize how long you want them to last. The investigator will be chosen randomly among the crewmates, so he will have to use his skills to find the impostor, like everyone else.

Download INVESTIGATOR MOD for Among Us

This MOD can be downloaded separately, but it doesn’t make much sense since it already comes included in the Town Of Us MOD Pack, which contains many more new roles in one installation.

Download LOVERS MOD – Link