Download Jackal MOD – Among Us (NEW role)

Jackal MOD for Among Us includes the new role of Jackal in the game, who will have his own team independent of all other players, and will be able to kill any player in the game. Downloading this MOD will also allow you to enjoy many other roles in the same installation.


What does Jackal MOD add in Among Us?

The Jackal role is one of the most interesting in the sense that it adds a third team within the games, although in the background it is as if there is a second team of imposters going against the first team and crew.

The special thing about Jackal’s role lies in the fact that he can apply his Sidekick ability on another player, which will automatically (except in some very special cases) make him part of his team. The Sidekick will have to help the Jackal to eliminate all other players. This MOD adds many possibilities to the game, since having a third team, the game could continue despite having killed all the impostors or all the crew members.

Download Jackal MOD for Among Us

You can download this MOD along with many other roles within one of the most recommended MOD Packs: The Other Roles. By downloading this MOD Pack you will have access to many other roles in addition to the new Jackal role, which will allow you to combine it with many other possibilities.