Download Janitor role MOD for Among Us (New role)

Janitor MOD is a new unofficial modification of Among Us that adds the new role of Janitor in one of the game’s imposters. By downloading Janitor Role MOD, you will be able to access this new role and its powerful abilities.

Janitor role MOD

How to play Janitor Role in Among Us

The new Janitor role will make the impostor more powerful, as he will have the ability to make the bodies of deceased players disappear. In addition, and as if this were not enough, he will be able to become another player in the game, which will allow him to confuse the other players by pretending to be another crew member.

Being a MOD that gives so much potential to the impostor, it is recommended that the games with this role activated have only one impostor, to add some difficulty. Here you can see a video of SOCKSfor1 testing this MOD:

How to download Janitor Role MOD for Among Us

Although the version of the MOD shown by SOCKSfor1 in his video is private, we are fortunate that the All Of Us MODs Pack has incorporated this new role in its latest update. So, it will be as simple as downloading and installing that modpack, and activating the role among the configuration options:

Link – Download All Of us