Download Jeff Bezos MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Jeff Bezos adds a new role to the impostor that allows him to have the appearance of Amazon’s largest shareholder. It also includes new abilities such as the ability to set a money trap that will alert a drone that will eliminate the player who gets close to the bills. In this MOD there is money scattered all over the map, the money allows to be the owner of Amazon as the player who gets the most money will play this Role.

Download Jeff Bezos

What does JB include in Among Us?

Players will have four new abilities and the imposter will also have four new ones. The role depends on the money players have so The players will have the following abilities:

  • HIRE WORKER. You hurt another player in addition to stealing money from him/her.
  • BUY AMAZON. You buy an Amazon supermarket that you can use as a barrier to block access.
  • BUY WALLET. This is a shield of protection against other players.
  • PICKPOCKET. Allows you to steal money from other players.

Jeff Bezos MOD

The impostor in addition to having the appearance of Jeff Bezos will have four new abilities which are as follows:

  • FIRE WORKER. It sets fire to all nearby players and eliminates them.
  • FANCY CAR. This ability allows you to drive a car and therefore increases the character’s travel speed.
  • BANKRUPT. Possibility of taking all the money from another player.
  • DELIVER BOMB. Allows the possibility of sending a drone bomb that will eliminate the player touched.

Jeff Bezos Among Us MOD

The main novelty of this MOD for Among Us is that the impostor will be the player with the most money. Therefore the impostor will vary during the game depending on the economic success of the players.

Download Jeff Bezos for Among Us

JB is a private MOD that is not available for public download. But you can check other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find MODS packs for Among Us.