Download Jester mod for Among Us + how to install on PC (Windows)

The MOD Jester for Among Us is one of the most popular at the moment, as it adds a new role to the game that gives new possibilities to the games. Downloading and installing this MOD is free and is very easy, and you will be able to play the new role with your friends in your games once you have done so.

What does the MOD Jester or Joker do for Among Us

The new role added by this MOD is the Jester, or Jester (joker), which aims to get the other players to think he is the imposter and vote him out. This is a very well thought out role, as it makes it more dangerous to vote the possible culprits by the crew members, while the impostors must be careful that the Jester does not win the game by confusing the crew members.

As the Jester must make the others believe that he is the impostor, the real impostors will be a little more protected from the accusations of the others. This will give rise to the creation of many new situations and strategies in Among Us.

How to Download Jester MOD for PC – Among Us

It is a totally free MOD that you can download from the link that we leave you here below. If you have doubts about how to perform the installation, in our main MODs for Among Us section you can find a step by step guide on how to do it.

Link – DownloadDownload from Discord