*NEW* JOHN CENA Role in Among Us (Donwload MOD)

John Cena MOD for Among Us allows us the possibility of adding a new role of imposter within the game, which will have the ability to become Jhon Cena and use a number of unreleased skills that are not available in the original version of the game.

Jhon Cena Role in Among Us

What does JOHN CENA MOD add in Among Us?

In John Cena’s new MOD there is only a new impostor role, but certain new features are included that involve all crew members, making it a pretty fun MOD for all players in the game. Among Jhon Cena’s abilities, which can be seen in the following image, 2 abilities that include new mechanics in the game stand out above all.

John Cena Impostor abilities

In the first of them, John Cena will be able to invoke a Wrestling battle between two of the ripulantes, who will have to maintain a battle of Spam of Clicks to see who is the seller. Whoever loses the battle will die.

Jhon Cena MOD Among Us

The second new mechanic brings John Cena and a crew member into the ring, which will be divided into four quadrants. John Cena will have to choose 3 of the quadrants and, if the crewman manages to guess which one he hasn’t selected, he will survive to count it (otherwise he will die instantly). As you can see, it is a quite innovative and fun MOD, which not only includes new features for the impsotor.

Download JOHN CENA MOD for Among Us

The John Cena MOD for Among Us is not publicly available, but you can access many other new roles and game modes from our MODs for Among Us section (we recommend the packs above all).