Download KAWAII MOD for Among Us (Android APK)

The Among Us KAWAII MOD is one of the most famous aesthetic modifications of the game, for obvious reasons. With Among Us KAWAII you can enjoy a complete revamp of the game’s character aesthetics, plus a completely reworked Kawaii-themed map.

What is Kawaii MOD for Among Us for?

With this MOD you will be able to completely change the entire aesthetics of the game, but you will not get any additional or special roles. The game will remain completely identical to the original, but with the aesthetics edited to be as KAWAII as possible. Personally, within the Aesthetic MODs of Among Us, and more specifically within the MODs focused on pink colors.

In my opinion, the best modified version of Among Us with pink colors is Among PINK, as it offers a more professional design than this kawaii MOD we are showing you.

How to download Kawaii MOD for Among Us and how to install it

This MOD is only available for Android, in APK format. On Windows PC, unfortunately, we still don’t have any option to play this MOD.

Link – Download

Installation is as simple as installing the APK file on your Android phone to replace the original application.