Download LIGHTER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Lighter role for Among Us is very simple but very useful, and can be accessed through Lighter MOD, which is included in a PACK along with many other roles that can be combined with each other in the same game.


What does LIGHTER MOD add in Among Us?

The new Lighter will be assigned to one of the crew members in the game at random, and will have the unique ability to light his lighter so that he gains more vision than normal. The lighter will be even more useful when the impostors turn off the lights, which will give the Lighter an advantage over the other crew members.

Other than the additional vision, the new Lighter does not have any additional abilities. It is a very simple role, as it is intended to be combined with many others in the same game, so that each player has a small role in the game.

Download LIGHTER MOD for Among Us

The new Lighter MOD comes included in The Other Roles, the MOD Pack we recommend the most lately (along with Town Of Us). Thanks to downloading the MOD in a Pack and not individually, you will be able to combine it with other roles in the same game.