Download Looney Tunes MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Looney Tunes MOD adds a new game mode where each player has the appearance of a Looney Tunes character (Daffy Duck, Claudius the Rooster or Lola Bunny among others).

Download Looney Tunes

What’s included in Looney Tunes in Among Us?

The impostor plays with the appearance of Bugs Bunny plus he will have a number of new abilities that will help him hide from the rest of the players. These abilities are:

  • HOLE TRAVEL. Ability to travel between holes in the map.
  • GUN STEAL. You shoot a player and eliminate him.
  • DISGUISE. This ability allows you to change the impostor’s appearance to another Looney Tunes character.
  • TNT. Option to place dynamite elsewhere on the map that explodes after a few seconds. It is activated by pressing the V key.
  • INVISIBLE . This ability prevents other players from being able to see you.
  • TUNNEL WALL. Ability to place a giant wall in
  • ZOOM. Allows you to zoom in on any point on the map
  • DROP ANVIL. This ability allows you to throw heavy ACME objects on other players to eliminate them.
  • SEARCH. Ability to search through boxes around the map that offer rewards.
  • SPEED BUFF. Increases the speed of scrolling around the map.
  • CAR STAR. Stabs a player and eliminates him/her.
  • TELEPORT. This ability allows you to transport the character to another location on the map instantly.

Download Looney Tunes

It includes a new map full of references to the universe of LT as it includes different areas, such as a desert or a forest, reminiscent of some chapters of the Warner series. There are also Among Us’ own areas such as the laboratories.

Download Looney Tunes for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among Us that is not publicly available and therefore cannot be downloaded for free. It is not available but you can check other Free MODs on our website.