Download LOVERS MOD – Among Us (NEW ROLE)

Lovers MOD is a new modification of Among Us that allows us to enjoy a new special role in our games. The new Lovers role will be assigned to two random players in the game, regardless of whether they are impostors or not, and they will have their own in-game objective.

What does LOVERS MOD add in Among Us?

The 2 players assigned as Lovers will have two ways to win the game: the first, which will be their usual objective, depending on whether or not they are impostors, and the second, which will allow them both to win if they are among the last 3 players in the game. If one of the two players assigned as Lovers dies, the other will automatically commit suicide and both will lose the game.

Lovers Role MOD Among Us

Lovers will have a private chat to communicate whenever they want, although they will not be able to know directly if their teammate is a crew member or an impostor. Likewise, as they are teammates, they can pass information to each other to facilitate victory.

Download LOVERS MOD for Among Us

Although this MOD can be found separately, the most convenient is to download and install it using a MOD Pack that allows us to enjoy more new roles in the same game. In this case Town Of Us is perfect.

Download LOVERS MOD – Link