Download MAFIA MOD (Godfather & Mafioso) – Among Us (NEW Role)

Mafia MOD for Among Us includes 3 different roles (GodFather, Mafioso and Janitor) that are part of a team of impostors, and can appear when there are 3 or more impostors in the game. This is one of the most interesting role MODs available for the game, as it adds a team of 3 impostors who have to blend together as a team in order to achieve their goal.

The Mafia MOD Among US

What does GODFATHER MOD add in Among Us?

Since 3 imposters would be too powerful with normal abilities, what this MOD does is to allow only one of the Mafia players (Godfather) to be able to kill other players. These are the characteristics of each of them:

  • Godfather: He is a normal impostor.
  • Mafioso: He will only be able to kill if the Godfather dies.
  • Janitor: Can clean up dead bodies to cover the back of Godfather.

As you can see, it’s a very well-balanced MOD that allows imposters to not be as powerful as they should be, but gives them options to make interesting plays that will lead them to victory if they combine their abilities well.

Download GODFATHER MOD for Among Us

This new MOD for Among Us is not available individually, but you can play it using the The Other Roles MOD pack, highly recommended on our website, as it allows you to play this and many other roles in the same game, with numerous configuration options.