Download McDonalds MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

MacDonalds adds a new role to the game that allows the impostor to play the role of a Mcdonalds worker or even Ronald Macdonald, the clown of the same franchise. The impostor will be able to bait the other players to eliminate them.

Download McDonalds

What does McDonald’s include in Among Us?

The impostor will be able to transform into either an employee or Ronald Macdonald. If he transforms into Ronald McDonalds he will have a number of new abilities which are:

  • NUG SHOWER. A shower of crumbs falls and damages the players it touches. It is triggered by pressing the V key.
  • APPLE PIE. A giant loaf of bread falls from the sky that will fatten players who pass near it. It is triggered by pressing C.
  • FORCE FEED. Eliminate a player by feeding him potatoes until he is eliminated.
  • HAPPY MEAL TRAP. Allows you to place a trap that will increase the weight of the player who falls into it. It is triggered by pressing the right mouse button.
  • TRANSFORM. This ability allows you to change the role of the impostor.
  • ORDER UP. Attracts a player and increases his weight. It depends on chance it will increase more or less.

McDonalds Among Us

If the impostor decides to transform into an employee he will have another set of abilities which are:

  • MCCAFE. He throws burning coffee at another player. The affected player runs in a loop for a few moments plus loses health.
  • BALL PIT. Allows you to place a ball pool that blocks access. It is activated by pressing the C key.
  • MCFLURRY. A giant ice cream falls on a player that will make him fat until he is eliminated.
  • GREASE. Place a trap that increases the weight of the players who fall into it.

Download McDonalds MOD

Includes a new map where appears a McDonalds restaurant and a statue of the famous clown. It also includes a new mini-game that will transport all players inside a restaurant where they must find an object. The last one to find it will be eliminated.

Download McDonalds for Among Us

This is a private MOD that cannot be shared publicly. However, you can check other Free MODs on our website where you can also download MODS packs.