Download Medic MOD for Among US + how to install on PC (Windows)

Medic Mod is a new mod for Among Us that adds a new role to the game: the doctor. If you were wondering how to be a doctor in Among Us like the most famous streamers and Youtubers, this mod is what you are looking for.

What is Medic MOD, what is its new role?

It is a modification of Among Us that offers the possibility to add a new role to the game: the doctor. With this new role, as you can imagine, you will be able to heal your companions once they are killed by the impostor.

However, the doctor cannot revive just anyone; he can only do so when he finds a corpse and takes it to the medical area to heal it. That is the only way he can revive someone in Among Us.

How to download Medic MOD for Among Us

This mod is not officially public, as the developer only offers it to content creators. However, there is a way to access this and many other Among Us MODs at once, which you can access from the download link.

Link – Download