Download MERCENARY MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Mercenary role for Among Us is quite interesting, as it allows the player who is granted this role to end up becoming an impostor, but under some rules that must be followed. It is one of the most interesting neutral roles, as he must end up being an impostor, but may end up being killed by one of them before he succeeds.

Mercenary Role MOD


What does the MERCENARY MOD add in Among Us?

In order to win the game, the mercenary must become an imposter and win it as an imposter. If he stays among the crew and they win, he will not win the game, as it is a neutral role. To become an impostor the mercenary needs to kill another player. Once he has done so, he will be like any other impostor in the game. However, at the beginning of the game, he will have to wait twice as long as the impostors to be able to kill.

It should be noted that the other impostors will not be able to know who the mercenary is until he has killed someone and becomes an Impostor. It is a role that gives a lot of play and allows the impostors can count on reinforcements to win the game.

Download MERCENARY MOD for Among Us

This role is not available individually, and to access it you need to download Challenger MOD, with which you can access several roles (more than 20) in the same installation.