Download MESMER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new role of Mesmer for Among Us is a special role that is randomly assigned to one of the impostors of the game, and that confers him the special ability to become invisible whenever he wants. Obviously, the different cooldowns around invisibility can be tweaked in the options, to avoid this new role being unbalanced and worsening the game experience.

Mesmer Role MOD


What does MESMER MOD add in Among Us?

The only ability this new role has, besides killing (since he is an impostor and his objective is the same as the impostor’s) is to become invisible. This new ability will be disabled in case the Mesmer uses the kill ability or uses a ventilation hatch.

This is a very complicated role to control, as much of the assumptions that can be made in the game are by the position of the players, and invisibility makes the Mesmer able to get out of very complicated situations as if nothing.

Download MESMER MOD for Among Us

This MOD is available within the MOD PACK of Challenger MOD, in which you will be able to combine many more roles together with this one in a game, which is much better than playing the original version of the game.