Download MINECRAFT MOD – Among Us (New Mode)

MINECRAFT is a new MOD based on the famous construction game that adds a new game mode where all players will have their own Minecraft Skins as well as the possibility of collecting resources. Players will have an inventory similar to the original game where they will be able to sort their resources plus they will have the possibility to use the table to combine different materials and create new objects.

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What does MINECRAFT include in Among Us?

The impostor will have a number of resources in the inventory from the start of the game that will allow him to use new abilities which are:

  • PIGLIN ARMY. Possibility to send a series of enemies that will damage nearby players.
  • PHANTOM. This ability allows you to create a bird that eliminates the player it hits.
  • INVIS POTION. Option to be invisible to the rest of the players.
  • THOW TRIDENT. Allows you to throw a trident at another player to eliminate him/her.
  • TNT BUTTON. Possibility to place dynamite.
  • SPEED POTION. Significantly increases the speed of displacement.
  • ENDER PEARL. Option to go to another location on the map immediately.
  • CRAFTING TABLE. This skill is common to all players. It allows you to collect resources and use the crafting table. It is activated by pressing the T key.


Players will have to complete tasks that will consist of collecting resources to build objects. There will come a time when players will have to build a portal that will transport them to a Minecraft-based game where they will have to defeat the enemies that appear until they reach a room guarded by a dragon. If they manage to defeat the dragon they will be able to escape and win the game.

Download MINECRAFT for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available for public download. It is not available but you can check other Free MODs on our website.