Download EVIL & NICE MINI MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Evil & Nice Mini MOD includes 2 new roles for Among Us that are very similar to each other, since the only difference between them is that one is an impostor and the other is a crew member. The mini role will be able to be played along with many other roles, as it comes inside a Mod Pack that allows us to do so.


What does BAR & NICE MINI MOD add in Among Us?

The Mini role can be assigned to any crewmember or impostor in the game at the start of the game, and will be 67% crewmember and 33% impostor. Apart from being visually smaller than the other players, the Mini will not be able to be killed by anyone until it turns 18 and reaches “Grown Up” status. Depending on what type of Mini it is, different scenarios will be given:

  • Evil Mini: cannot be killed until it grows up. As long as it has not grown up, its kill cooldown will be double the normal. When it grows the cooldown will be reduced to only 2/3 of the usual cooldown of an impostor. The Evil Mini can be voted and expelled.
  • Nice Mini: like the Evil Mini, it cannot be killed until it grows, but being a crew member it cannot kill other players. That said, if the Nice Mini is voted out by majority, all players in the game will lose, which prevents it from being easy to vote out a Mini, protecting the Evil Mini.

It is a very interesting MOD that gives rise to new unique circumstances, which could not be given in the original version of the game. With this MOD you will be able to enjoy 2 new roles that will not be unbalanced if you combine them with other roles in the pack.

Download NICE MINI MOD for Among Us

This MOD is not available individually, but can be played using The Other Roles, a MOD Pack highly recommended that includes this and many other roles for the game. It is one of the best options to play with your friends.