Download MOMMY vs DADDY MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Mommy VS Daddy is a new MOD for Among Us that adds two new fun roles to the game (Mommy and Daddy) which have several special abilities that will help them achieve their goals. It is one of the most fun MODs of the last few weeks, as the gameplay it includes is out of the typical impostor game we are used to.

Mommy VS Daddy MOD

What does MOMMY vs DADDY add to Among Us?

In this MOD we will have two new special characters:

  • Daddy: he will be the bad guy, so he will have to kill all the crew members using his abilities.
  • Mommy: he will have to prevent Daddy from accomplishing his goals at all costs, and to do this he has special abilities that allow him to counteract Daddy’s.

These are the different abilities that Daddy has, including camouflage (which will make him invisible) or the ability to punish certain crew members in a room among many others.

Daddy abilities

On Mommy’s side, these are the abilities that will allow him to prevent Daddy from accomplishing his goals. They all serve specifically to counter one of Daddy’s abilities, so crew members will have to stick with her to make it out of the game alive.

Mommy abilities

Daddy’s death animation has also been changed to a new one (a fart), and Mommy can revive a corpse every so often using her special pie ability. It is overall a very fun MOD with different mechanics than what we are used to.

Download MOMMY vs DADDY for Among Us

Unfortunately, this is a MOD that is not available for public download. However, we are lucky to have great MODs like The Other Roles or Town Of Us, which offer us multiple roles in the same MOD (although they do not include this one specifically).