Download My Hero Academia MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

My Hero Academia introduces a new game mode that includes a new Boss, as well as new abilities for the impostor and new appearances for all players. This MOD for Among Us is inspired by a Superhero Academy.

My Hero Academia

What does My Hero Academia include in Among Us?

This new MOD for Among Us includes new appearances for all players. In addition to the imposter, each player will have a different appearance. The impostor is a Superhero who has two roles, each having a special set of abilities. The first looks like a young blond boy and has a number of abilities which are:

  • Weight Trap Smash. Ability to set a trap that is a giant statue, which in addition to eliminating the players on which it falls can block access. It is triggered with the V key.
  • Switch. Allows you to switch to the other role of impostor.
  • Invisible Smash. This ability prevents other players from being able to see you for a few seconds.
  • 50/50 Smash. You get punched in the face, which takes half your life and makes you invisible.
  • Transform. Allows you to change anyone to the normal player role.
  • Transform.
  • Task Smash. When other players complete tasks your taskbar will fill up.
  • Mark Smash. Allows you to make others see another player as if they were the imposter.

My Hero Academia Among Us

The other role of the impostor, similar to a superhero, also includes a number of new abilities which are:

  • Carolina Smash. Attack that hits the enemy and destroys part of the floor.
  • Texas Smash. Allows you to pick up a player to transport them to another location on the map.
  • Texas Smash.
  • New Shampire Smash. This ability creates a tornado.
  • Right-click to activate it.
  • New Shampire Smash.
  • Teleport. Ability to instantly transport to another location on the map.
  • Teleport.

Download MOD academy hero

It includes a new map inspired by an Academy where we can find dorms, classrooms or laboratories. It also includes a new mini-game consisting of a battle against a Boss called Henwy. If the monster defeats the players, they will lose part of the taskbar. On the other hand, if they defeat the boss, a large part of the bar will be filled.

Download My Hero Academia for Among Us

This is a MOD for Among US that is not available for public download although we recommend you check Free MODs on our website. This is a section where you will find MODS Packs as well as single MODS.