Download MYSTIC MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Mystic role for Among Us is randomly assigned to one of the crew members of the game, and gives him the special ability to put on a temporary shield that will prevent him from being killed for a period of time. All the different options of this new role can be configured from the control panel.

Mystic Role MOD


What does MYSTIC MOD add in Among Us?

The user who acquires the role of Mystic within the game will have the luck of not being able to be killed during the first round of the game (unless it is through the revenge of a Hunter). Once the first round is over, the Mystic will acquire a new ability, “shield”, with which he will be able to protect himself temporarily from any attack.

As we have already mentioned, the shield’s time and cooldown periods can be adjusted to prevent this crew member from being too powerful. Just the fact that he can protect himself for a few seconds is enough to be annoying for the imposters of the game, so it is not necessary to give him many seconds.

Download MYSTIC MOD for Among Us

This new Mystic role is not available individually, but you can play it by downloading Challenger MOD, one of the MOD Packs we recommend on our website. In addition, with the option that we show you you can combine many different roles in the same game.