Download Nerf Imposter Role MOD para Among Us (Nuevo rol)

Nerf Imposter Role is a new MOD for Among Us that adds a new game mode: Nerf Wars, in which all players will have a nerf gun with which they can shoot the others. The truth is that it is one of the most fun game modes that have been thought for a MOD to date.

Nerf Imposter Role MOD

What does the Nerf Imposter MOD add in Among Us? What is Nerf Wars?

This new MOD for Among Us includes a game mode, called Nerf Wars, that will make everyone have a Nerf gun. The game mode is very simple to explain:

  • By shooting at any other player with this gun and hitting the target, the player who fired the shot earns points.
  • These points are kind of like a shield: the more you have, the longer it will take for the imposter to kill you with his nerf guns.
  • The overall objective of the game will remain the same for both impostors and crew members, who will still have to do the same tasks as always.
Nerf imposter role mnod
3 of the imposter’s abilities within the Nerf Wars game mode

The Impostor, on the other hand, will have 3 special nerf weapons, in addition to the normal nerf gun (since he has to impersonate a crew member and otherwise you would know who he is very easily). These are the 3 weapons that the impostor has in this MOD:

  • Sniper: to shoot at a longer distance
  • Rocket: to do area damage.
  • Turret: when you are inside the ventilation hatches, you can use this weapon to shoot from any hatch at the crew members.

Overall, it is a very fun MOD that features one of the most fun Game Modes ever created, although it is also true that the impostor is still too powerful (so it is recommended that there is only one impostor per game).

Download Nerf Imposter Role MOD for Among Us

This, like many other MODs for Among Us, is not available for download. This is because it is a private MOD that the creators have not yet wanted to release to the public (and may never do so). It’s a pity, but it’s not the end of the world either, since on our website there are numerous MODs for Among Us that you can download in a matter of minutes.