Download NIGHTWATCH MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Nightwatch role for Among Us confers on the user who has the honor of trying it out the ability to see even when the lights are off, with the added bonus of being able to see farther than usual.

NightWatch Role MOD


What does NIGHTWATCH MOD add in Among Us?

While it’s an unspectacular ability, the truth is that it allows the Nightwatch to obtain very valuable information that other players can’t access. The best thing is not all that the NightWatch will be able to know, but that the other players will not be able to be aware that he knows that information.

It is one of the most powerful crew members of the pack in which it is included, since the information is very decisive in the game. The ideal would be to give little time of use to his ability and a lot of cooldown, to avoid the power of this role to get out of hand in the game.

Download NIGHTWATCH MOD for Among Us

The Nightwatch role is not available individually, but we can play it within the Challenger MOD pack, which allows us to access this and many other roles from a single installation of Among Us. Much more recommendable than installing role MODs one by one.