Download Nintendo MOD – Among Us (New Mode)

Nintendo adds a new game mode where players will play the role of different consoles. They will start the game in the role of a NES, as they play the consoles on the map they will get points that will make them evolve. After the NES they will change to a GBA, then to a DS, then to a Wii and finally to the last console launched by the Japanese brand, the famous Switch.


What does Nintendo include in Among Us?

The impostor will have the same appearance as all other players in addition to having two extra abilities. The ability to directly eliminate another nearby player (KILL) and the option to start the mini-game (MINI GAME). Players in addition to playing new roles will have a series of new skills based on different video games. These skills are:

  • USE TV. This skill is used to play the consoles that are all over the map to get points and level up.
  • NGA SPEED. Increases the player’s movement speed.
  • BOWLING. Option to challenge another player to bowl. The player who knocks down the fewest pins will be eliminated.
  • BANANA. Possibility to leave banana skins that
  • HII CALL. This ability allows changing the player’s appearance
  • LAKITU. Option to transport a player to your site.
  • FINAL SMASH. This ability allows you to hit a player so hard that he will be sent to another place on the map and will be eliminated.
  • CHARIZARD. Option to be able to travel quickly around the map thanks to Charizard’s help. The impostor will also be able to eliminate other players with this ability.


It includes a new mini-game based on Mario Bros that consists of a race between all players through a Mario Bros map full of pipes and obstacles to avoid. The last player to complete the challenge will be eliminated. It also includes a new map where we can find different Pokemon as well as Mario boxes or Donkey Kong statues.

Download Nintendo for Among Us

This is a private MOD that can not be downloaded for free. However, we recommend consulting other Free MODs on our website, where you will find MODS Packs.