Download Olympics MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Olympics adds a new role to the game that allows the impostor to use skills related to the Olympics such as throwing javelins at another player or becoming invisible. It also includes a new map where elements related to the world of sports have been included such as stands with spectators or statues of athletes.


What does Olympics include in Among Us ?

The impostor will look like an Olympic champion or another player plus he will have a number of new abilities which are:

  • GYMNASTICS. Possibility to face two players in the jumping minigame.
  • OLYMPICS GAME. Possibility to start the mini-game consisting of a swimming race.
  • 100M RUN. Forces a player to run until he/she burns and is eliminated.
  • GOLD MEDAL. Makes the character invisible
  • KILL BUTTON. You eliminate a player after making him feel like a loser.
  • TRANSFORM. Change appearance between a normal player or an Olympic champion.
  • CART WHEEL. Increases the speed of displacement as the player will move by doing side flips.
  • JAVELIN THROW. Throws a javelin that will eliminate the player it reaches. This is an ability that can be used from a distance.

download Olympics


Includes two new mini-games related to the Olympic Games. The first one consists of a swimming race between all players. The player must hit the targets that appear in the pool to increase his speed. After the race, a shark will appear and devour the slowest player. The second consists of a jumping competition between two players selected by the impostor. Players must hit the red part of a timer that appears after the characters jump. The player who first hits three times will win, in case of a tie the first to miss will be eliminated.

Download Olympics for Among Us

Olympics is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for public download. However you can check other Free MODs on our website where you will also find MODS packs for Among Us.