Download OPERATIVE MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Operative MOD for Among Us allows us to access a new role in the game, which will be assigned to one of the crew members of the game, who will have a special ability, which other players will not be able to access.

Operative Role MOD

What does OPERATIVE MOD add to Among Us?

This new role features the special ability to place two different types of gadgets throughout the map, which you can use to track other players for a period of time. These are the two gadgets that the new operative role can use:

  • AOE sensor: It can be placed to track players in an area. It will not indicate the identity of each player, only their position.
  • AOE sensor.
  • Sticky Tracker: Can be placed on a player to reveal his position for a period of time.

Not one of the most powerful roles, but certainly one of the most fun. It is worth noting that all information received by the Operative from his gadgets will be displayed on his minimap.

Download OPERATIVE MOD for Among Us

This role can be enjoyed within the Town Of Impostors Pack, which in addition to including many other roles and being able to combine them with each other, is already compatible with the latest version of Among Us, which offers us 15-player lobbies.