Download Prop Hunt Mod for Among Us + How to install on PC

The Prop Hunt MOD for Among Us is one of the most original that can be found today, as it allows us to convert our characters into objects of the ship. When downloading and installing this MOD, it is advisable to keep in mind that all your friends must have the same MOD version installed.

This MOD is so famous thanks to the originality of its idea, as well as because it offers a totally renewed and fun game experience. The impostor will have to find all the crew members, which in this case will be objects (the map is full of them, which makes it even more complicated to find the other people).

Here you can see Vegetta777 testing this MOD:

Download Prop Hunt MOD for Among Us

This MOD is available in different versions for PC and Android. Installing the MOD on PC is just like installing any other.

Link for PC – Download.

Link to APK file for Android – Download