Download PS5 MOD – Among Us *NEW* Role (PC Windows)

PS5 is a new MOD for Among Us based on Evil Phone, so this MOD is also called Evil PS5. In this MOD the Skin of all players is a Playstation, which we can level up to get new Skins and skills.

Download Playstation 5

What’s included in Playstation 5 in Among Us?

We will start as a Playstation, but if we start playing the level bar will go up until we become a PS2, then PS3 and so on until we reach PS5, the maximum level. In the change between PS and PS2 we will get a new Skin and a new ability (Speed Buff) that allows to increase the speed of the player. It includes a new mini-game consisting of a shootout between players.

It includes other new skills such as hacking other players or launching CDS from a distance (CD-Blast). We can hack other players (PS5 1v1) through a mini-game where we will have to reproduce the same pattern on a Playstation controller. If we succeed we will be able to steal the Skin and all the skills it includes. In addition we can capture a player with the Bag and move it around the map to leave it where we want.

Playstation 5

It offers the ability to connect to another player to become friends. The Friend ability will allow us to see our friends moving around the map and they will be able to see us. In addition we will be able to teleport using the Transfer ability that we will unlock with the PS4 Skin.


The impostor will also have two new extra abilities. The Hack-Trap ability will allow us to set a trap to catch other players, but we must think very well where to place it as this trap disappears over time. With the Control skill we will be able to control the movements of other players for a certain period of time.

Download PS5 for Among Us

PS5 is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for free download. We recommend you to check other Free MODs on our website.