Download Quantum Tunneling mod for Among Us + how to install

The Quantum Tunneling MOD for Among Us adds a new game mode that grants new powers to the impostor. By downloading and installing this MOD, you will be able to unlock the “Quantum Tunneling” game mode, which will allow the impostor to have the new ability to pass through walls.

Although it may seem like a very small change, the truth is that this game mode makes the impostor role much more powerful than its normal version. This, although it may seem boring, can serve to make the games more interesting, in addition to discovering new ways to deceive players by going through walls.

To access the game mode, just type /gamemode QuantumTunneling in the chat.

Download Quantum Tunneling for Among Us

This MOD requires prior installation of BepInEx, otherwise it will be unplayable.

Link – Download