Among Us Replay MOD + Replayer – Descargar (PC Windows)

Among Us Replay MOD (v0.7.1) is a tool that allows us to save replays of all our games in Among Us automatically, which we can then open in Among Us Replayer (v0.4.1). It is a very useful tool to review certain situations or details occurred in the games, as well as to record gameplays of your own games automatically.

Among Us Replay MOD

What’s new with Replays and Replayer MOD for Among Us

Although they are two MODs that come separately, the truth is that both need the other in order to have an in-game use:

  • Replays MOD will save video files of each round of each of the games you play.
  • Replayer MOD will allow you to access those files, allowing you to play the game you want whenever you want.

These are two very easy to use MODs that you can take advantage of if you need the replays for any specific function, as they allow you to record all your games in a very comfortable way.

Among Us ReplayInWindow MOD

We have also included a MOD that allows you to access the replay of the game as soon as you finish it, from the game window itself. It is more convenient for those who simply want to review certain details of the games, to know if their assumptions were correct.

How to record Among Us games using the Replays MOD

For the MOD to record the games you will have to remember to always open the injector.exe file every time you enter the game. Only with this the MOD will automatically record the replays on its own.

Download Replays v0.7.1, Replayer and ReplayInWindow MOD for Among Us

Replays MOD v0.7.1 – Download

Replayer win32 v0.4.1 – Download

Replayer win64 v0.4.1 – Download

ReplayInWindow v1.5.1 – Download

How to install Replay MOD and how to use it in Among Us

The latest version of Replays MOD is compatible only with v2021.4.12s version of the game. In future updates we will be able to enjoy compatibility with more current versions. Installing these MODs is as simple as opening their .exe files and following the steps indicated.