Download Rick and Morty MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Rick and Morty includes a new game mode where all players will be Mortys except one who will be Rick. The impostor will play the role of evil Morty and will have to try to eliminate Rick while the rest of the players try to detect the impostor and protect Rick.

Rick and Morty

What does Rick and Morty include in Among Us?

Players will have to prevent the evil Morty (the impostor) from eliminating Rick, who is another player who will have new abilities. The imposter will take the role of Rick plus he will have four new abilities which are:

  • PORTAL GUN. It allows you to travel to another location on the map instantly.
  • POISON FLASK. Envenges the nearest Rick and eliminates him.
  • EYEPATCH. The player will wear an eye patch that will confuse the other players plus if the impostor has been discovered by Rick this ability will re-camouflage the impostor.
  • MEESEEKS BOX. This ability will eliminate the player we select.

Download Rick and Morty MOD

The player playing the role of Rick will have a number of unique abilities which are:

  • He can create a portal that will take him to the location on the map of his choice (similar to PORTAL GUN).
  • You can travel around the map very fast with a small ship, very similar to the one that appears in the series.
  • You will be able to activate Meeseeks boxes that will indicate to the rest of the players who is the evil Morty.

Download Rick and Morty for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not publicly available and therefore cannot be downloaded. However we recommend consulting the Free MODs section where you can download free MODS for Among Us as well as MODS Packs.