Download Security Guard MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Security Guard MOD role for Among Us allows us to enjoy a new special ability, which will be randomly assigned to one of the crew members of the game (it cannot be assigned to impostors). You will be able to combine this MOD with many other roles in the same game, which will make it even more fun.

Security Guard Role MOD

What does Security Guard MOD add in Among Us?

This new role will have a limited number of “actions”, which you can use to either seal ventilation hatches or place new security cameras. This number of “actions” is configurable from the MOD options, so it is very easy to regulate the potential of this role within the game.

Both the hatches you seal and the cameras placed by the new Secutiry Guard will take effect from the next meeting of the game. Until then, they will not be visible and will have no effect (the chambers will be accessible only by the Secutiry Guard). In addition, the sealed hatches will not be used to exit through them, but the impostor will be able to go to them subway despite not being able to exit.

Download Security Guard MOD for Among Us

This MOD is not available individually, but you can access it by downloading The Other Roles, a pack of MODs that contains this role among many others, and allows us to combine them in the same game with different configuration options.