Download – Among Us PC MODPack (+15 new modes) (2021.6.15) is one of the best Among Us MOD packs, as it incorporates a total of 15 new modes for the game, including new roles and options. Downloading and installing is very simple, and is available for both Android and PC.

At the moment, Skeld is one of the best options without a doubt, but Town Of Us and Town Of Impostors have been ahead of it lately, offering many more new features in the last months. Likewise, with different MOD Packs, as focuses mostly on adding new game modes, while the other two focus on adding new roles.

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What are the new game modes included in

The list of Game Modes that Skeld adds to the game is, so far, the most extensive offered by a MOD to date. These are the modes you can access:

  • *NEW* Identity Crisis: Everyone changes their identity at every meeting.
  • Standard: normal gameplay
  • Zombies: the first infected must infect all crew members to win.
  • Crazycolors: every so often, all players change color (you can choose the time between changes).
  • Crazycolors: every so often, all players change color (you can choose the time between changes).
  • Venteleporter: this game mode will activate the hatches, so that stepping on them will transport us to another random hatch.
  • Twins: each player will have an identical twin, which will add more confusion to the game.
  • 50-50: half of the players are of one color and half of another. It is the intermediate level between Twins and Clones.
  • Clones: all players in the game are exactly identical (same color, and no hat or custom mascot).
  • Christmas: cops and robbers. Special mode.
  • Jester: adds a new role to the game, whose goal is to be voted to be expelled. If so, he will win the game.
  • Random: will activate a random game mode at the start of the game.

All game modes can be activated using the /gamemode command in the chat.

How to download for Among Us (Windows and Android)

This unofficial Among Us server can be downloaded for free for Android and PC without any problem. These are the official download links:

Link – Download for PC

Link – Download for Android

How to install on PC and Android

On PC:

  • Download the .exe file and open it in Windows:
  • If you get an error, click on the “Run anyways” option.
  • Let the launcher detect your Among Us installation and install the necessary files by itself.

On Android:

  • Download the Server Switcher APK file from Google Play.
  • Completely close the Among Us app on your phone, and install the Skeld file.
  • Open the app again and enjoy the game.