Download SLAYER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Slayer role for Among Us allows one of the impostors in the game (randomly chosen) to use a special ability, which will allow him to kill his enemies from a distance, leaving no trace or trace of what has happened.

Slayer Role MOD

What does the SLAYER MOD add to Among Us?

The new Slayer is quite powerful precisely because he is undetectable, as his ability is not visible when using it. The Slayer will have to “poison” one of the players in order to later, when he has the cooldown of the ability active again, kill that player at will from any distance. It is quite a powerful role, but it should be noted that the cooldowns of their skills can be customized to our liking to avoid worsening the quality of the games.

Download SLAYER MOD for Among Us

Like many other MODs, this new role is not available individually, but you can access it by downloading Challenger MOD, a MODpack that contains this and many other roles, which can be combined to our liking.