Download Sleepover MOD – Among Us (New Mode)

Sleepover MOD adds a new game mode in which the crew members of Among Us will go camping and will have to survive the monster of nightmares. To do so, they will need to overcome a total of 10 nights living together in this terrifying camping trip and find 5 notes to win. In this new adventure, the crew members will have an adorable pajama outfit and the map has a dreamy aesthetic. Will the monster of nightmares manage to destroy this beautiful world?


What’s included in Sleepover in Among Us?

Sleepover in Among Us includes new abilities for both the Impostor and the crew members, who will have to perform typical Among Us tasks while carrying out a new mission. Some of the abilities available in this new game mode are:

  • Death- Sentence
  • Gas Tripwire
  • Spitball
  • Teleport
  • Map-trap
  • Pull
  • Monster Rage
  • Carry
  • Sleep-Trap

sleepover mod

There will also be other abilities such as “Sleeping Camers”, “View” or “Artefact”, as well as numerous new areas for the map. Around the map we will find areas such as the ball pool or the pirate ship where we will find the tasks that the crew members of Among US have to solve.

The most interesting thing about MOD occurs when night comes, as the monster of nightmares will appear and will be able to catch us, stun us or slow us down. Do your best to emerge victorious and get back into your sleeping bag to have the best dreams.

Download Sleepover MOD for Among Us

This is a private MOD that has not been released and therefore can not be downloaded. At the moment it is not available, but you can check other free Mods on our website.