Download SLENDERMAN MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Slenderman is a MOD for Among Us that includes a new role for the impostor based on the popular horror character as well as new abilities. Players must complete a series of tasks to defeat the terrifying impostor will also have to maintain their sanity in a terrifying map. If players manage to discover the impostor the monster will be burned at the stake and win the game. It also includes three new Skins for the impostor: Slenderman, Slenderman with four tentacles and a monster full of black tentacles. To unlock these new Skins the impostor will have to eliminate and drive the rest of the players crazy.


What does Slenderman include in Among Us?

Slenderman will be the terrifying imposter who will also have a number of new abilities that will help him capture the rest of the players these abilities are:

  • SLENDER SENSE. Allows you to see most of the map.
  • JUMPSCARE. Ability to scare other players with a terrifying cinematic that will suddenly appear on their screens.
  • CAMOUFLAGE. Option to change your appearance to that of another player in the game.
  • INVISIBILITY. This ability allows the impostor to become invisible.
  • CHASE. You send another player to a mini-game that consists of running away from Slenderman while dodging obstacles along the way.
  • DECOY. Possibility to put a fake Slenderman to mislead the players.
  • TENTACLE WHIP. Option to hit another player with a tentacle.
  • INFESTATION. This ability allows you to eliminate nearby players by infecting them with a strange being.
  • TENTACLE STORM. Ability to create a tornado that will drive the players it catches crazy.
  • BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN. Option to shake another player with your tentacles.
  • PIROKENESIS. This ability allows you to control the bonfires on the map and use them to throw fire at the rest of the players.
  • MIND CONTROL. Ability to control the movements of another player.
  • SLENDER WALK. Allows the player to be transported to another part of the map immediately.


Players will have to get a series of pages that will give them clues plus they will have a series of skills that will help them solve the tasks to defeat the dreaded impostor. These skills are:

  • CAMP. Ability to camp to recover health.
  • POINT FINGER. Option to point at another player.
  • FLASHLIGHT.This ability allows you to use the flashlight to illuminate the darkest areas of the map.
  • VIEW PAGES. This skill allows you to collect the hidden pages that give clues to the players to win the game.
  • CAMPFIRE MEETING. It allows to summon all the players to accuse one of being the impostor.

Slenderman among us

Download SLENDERMAN for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not publicly available and therefore cannot be downloaded. We also have Free MODs on our website, where you can also find Packs of the best MODS for Among Us.