Download Sonic MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Sonic adds a new role to the game that allows us to be this famous video game character but in a thrilling game of Among Us, is inspired by the new movie that is available at the box office in most cinemas and where you can be Sonic for once and develop all his superpowers to be the winner of this exciting duel Among Us.


What’s included with Sonic in Among Us?

This game brings with it a lot of skills with which you can play a game of Among Us in an expert mode, where if you reach 50 kills you will unlock skills and if you complete 25 rings you will gain life Are you willing to unlock them all?

Sonic powers

  • Roll: to disappear into the crowd of characters and reach our destination faster
  • Leave sticky substance on the ground: to leave your opponents lagging behind so they can’t catch you
  • Knuckle punching: to leave your opponents knocked out and continue on your way
  • Fast shoes: to have a dizzying and devilish speed to avoid being closely watched
  • Teleport: in which you can become another member of the crew to mislead your rivals
  • Drinking energy drink: this action will make you have more life

There are more skills that you will have to unlock as you get challenges.

Download Sonic for Among Us

This MODs iscreated privately by a group of Youtubers, however you will not be left without enjoying your favorite game since you can check other Free MODs on our website.