Download SORCERER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new SORCERER role for Among Us includes a new ability and a new objective for one of the players in the game, who will be assigned as a neutral role, and will have his own way to win the game. It is one of the neutral roles with the rarest winning chances ever created.

Sorcerer Role MOD

What does SORCERER MOD add in Among Us?

The purpose of the sorcerer within the game is a bit difficult to explain, as it requires many circumstances. These would be the steps to follow for the Sorcerer to achieve victory:

  • He must allow himself to be killed (it is no good if he is killed in a meeting), in order to use his “Revive” ability and return to the game.
  • After this, he must kill a player of his choice and the two of them will die together.
  • If, after these circumstances, the impostors win the game, the Sorcerer will win the game for you.

Yes, it’s a bit weird and convoluted, but it’s also nice to add roles whose target is hard to detect and get at the same time. The “Revive” skill is the only one the Sorcerer has, and its Cooldown can be configured from the MOD options.

Download SORCERER MOD for Among Us

This MOD is included within the new Challenger MOD roles, one of the best MOD packs for Among Us. You can download it to access this role and combine it with many others.