Download SPONGEBOB HORROR MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

SPONGEBOB HORROR adds a new role to the game based on a terrifying version of SpongeBob. This MOD for Among Us includes a new role for the impostor who, in addition to being able to have the appearance of a demonic SpongeBob, will also enjoy new abilities. This is a MOD for Among Us that combines the tribute to one of the most famous animated series of the small screen with the Horror genre. In this MOD the fish are fished by a Sponge with eyes bathed in blood.


What does SPONGEBOB HORROR include in Among Us?

The impostor will have the appearance of SpongeBob after having made a pact with Satan in addition to four new abilities which are:

  • PARANOIA. Converts the appearance of all players into the appearance of evil SpongeBob creating great confusion among the players.
  • TRANSFORM. Option to be able to change the character’s appearance between Evil SpongeBob or just another fish.
  • BAIT. Ability to set traps around the map that will eliminate the player who falls into them.
  • TELEPORT. This ability allows the player to move to another point on the map, which can be previously selected, immediately.


Players will have to collect different foods to create a big hamburger that must be deposited in the main dining room. If they succeed, the impostor will be revealed and the players will have to run away from him to win the game. On the other hand, the impostor will have five new abilities that will help him to hide and eliminate the rest of the players.

Download SPONGEBOB HORROR for Among Us

This is a MOD for Among Us private so it is not possible to download it for free. However, we recommend you to check other Mods on our site, where you can download MODS Packs for Among Us easily and for free.