Download Squid Game MOD – Among Us Game Mode *NEW*

The Squid Game is a new MOD for Among Us in which we can customize our characters, both crewmates and impostors, with a lot of accessories based on the Korean series that is sweeping Netflix: The Squid Game. This is a MOD with a pretty cool content which gives a fun touch to our Among Us games, especially if we are fans of the series.

The Squid Game among us mod

What does Nintendo include in Among Us ?

The Squid Game MOD for Among Us includes numerous decorative elements, mainly in the Caps section. We will be able to find all kinds of masks related to the series, from the masks of the soldiers to the masks of the spectators, and become a whole participant of the games of the series inside the ship of Among Us.  Some of the features included in the MOD are:

  • We will have the possibility of being a soldier (circle, triangle and square), with a mask that looks really good.
  • We will be able to choose to be a VIP spectator, with the mask of moose, owl, bear, or the one that catches our attention.
  • It also has the mask of the leader, which has a very interesting design.
  • We can even select the assassin doll from the first game of the series “Green Light, Red Light”. If we choose this option the doll will look attached to our character, it looks pretty funny.
  • We will find more complements as the clothes of the characters, we will be able to play our game using the jacket of the players of the squid game. We will be Among us 456 or maybe Among Us 001, we will be able to choose the number of the character that we like.
  • In addition, we will also be able to choose the recruiter, who even has the card!

the squid among us game

This MOD also includes the option to choose new colors for our characters, as the colors section has been expanded and with them we will have almost twice as many colors to choose from.

Download The Squid Game for Among Us

To download The Squid Game for Among Us and start enjoying custom content in your Among Us games, just access the download link below:

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