Download Stinky MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Stinky adds a new role to the game that allows the impostor to have a new appearance as well as new abilities that will allow him to take life from other players through poop or fart traps. This MOD is based on cleanliness, so you regain life by washing yourself and lose life when you get dirty.

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What does Stinky include in Among Us ?

Players will have to stay clean while the imposter tries to take them down thanks to the dirt. On the map there are different areas such as toilets and showers where players will be able to clean themselves and recover life. The impostor has the appearance of a dirt monster in addition to a series of skills which are:

  • ARMPIT. Allows you to trap another player.
  • GARBAGE. Creates a mass of dirt on the ground that damages players who pass over it. It is activated with the right mouse button.
  • SWIRL. Allows you to transport to another specific location on the map via a toilet.
  • SNEAKER. This ability allows slowing down the speed of a player who is dirty.
  • FART. The impostor farts a fart that takes away a lot of health from the affected player.
  • SKUNK SPRAY. Sprays you with a Spray that turns you invisible for a few moments.
  • ONION BREATH. It stinks a player with onion breath.
  • DIAPER PASS. Leaves a lot of dirt in an area that will harm players nearby.

Download Stinky MOD

Includes a new minigame that consists in putting clothes in the laundry bucket. It is shot by pressing the letter G, depending on the intensity of the balls will take one direction or another. Each player will have four attempts and will also have to be careful with the lid of the bucket. The player who makes the least number of baskets will be eliminated by being incinerated.

Download Stinky for Among Us

Stinky is a private MOD for Among Us that is not publicly available. However, you can check out other Free MODs on our website.