Download SWAPPER MOD – Among Us (NEW ROLE)

Swapper MOD is a new Modification of Among Us that adds to the game the new role of Swapper, which has the special ability to swap the votes of 2 of the players in a vote. Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to a new role unpublished in the game, which cannot be accessed in any other way.

What’s included in Swapper MOD for Among Us

The role of Swapper will be assigned to one of the crewmates, so its objective will be the same as that of the other crewmembers (find the impostor). The Swapper will be able to choose 2 players in a vote, to exchange the votes received by those two players. Thus, if the first has 5 votes and the second 3, the first will become 3 and the second 5.

Swapper Role MOD Among Us

This is a very interesting ability for very specific moments, where the Swapper has the truthful information that someone who is not an imposter is being voted for. Although not the most powerful ability, a Swapper smart Swapper can make things much easier for his teammates.

How to download Swapper MOD for Among Us

The Swapper MOD is available within the Town Of Us MOD Pack, so it is fully recommended to download it using this Pack. Although you can download the role separately, the most comfortable will be to install Town Of Us, since it includes many other MODs in a single installation.

Download Swapper MOD – Link