Download SWOOPER MOD – Among Us (NEW ROLE)

Swooper MOD is a new MOD for Among Us that incorporates to the game a new role for impostors, which will allow you to become invisible for a period of time (10 seconds by default, but can be changed in the options). Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to a new gameplay experience within Among Us.

What does the SWOOPER MOD add in Among Us?

The swooper role will be randomly assigned to one of the impostors at the start of the game, and will have the ability to kill, just like any other impostor. His ability, swoop, which allows him to become invisible for a few seconds, can be very decisive when fleeing from a dead end without leaving a trace.

Swooper MOD Among Us

If there was a basic ability that could be put on an impostor to improve him, invisibility would surely be the choice of many. For this reason, and although at first 10 seconds is a good figure, we recommend lowering the amount of time to at least 5 seconds, so that the Swooper cannot abuse invisibility unless he uses it with a lot of skill.

Download SWOOPER MOD for Among Us

When downloading this MOD, it is best to install Town Of Us, a MOD Pack that already includes this new role among its options, as well as allowing us the option to combine several roles in the same game.

Download SWOOPER MOD – Link